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Security Advice and Analysis

Many of our new customers benefit from the experienced advice offered by Black and White’s security analysis team. If you are unsure of your individual security requirements we can offer basic advice or extend to a more detailed breakdown. Our Security Specialists will determine the nature of the threats facing your property or organisation and provide you with a detailed analysis.

Our security analysis includes comprehensive visual, bench-marking inspections of your premises, and in most cases includes interviews with the occupants in order for us to determine how, and for what purpose, the buildings and premises are used.

Our reports describe the physical and operational vulnerabilities of your residential or business premises and detail the appropriate recommendations and most suitable options to fit your needs and individual budget.

We believe in building close working relationships with our clients ensuring that they get the best possible security for their premises. From standard keyholding alarm response service through man guarding to utilising CCTV we would together ascertain the best form of security for your property. If you would like us to provide you with advice or an analysis of your premises please contact us on 01442 254555 so we can discuss your requirements further.