We are far more than just a security provider who only attends alarms when a property is unoccupied. There is a large portion, if not nearly all of our domestic customers that require our alarm response service whilst they are at home. Customers have a intruder alarm system where by they can set certain areas of their house at certain times. An example of this is when a customer sets the downstairs zones when they go to bed upstairs. This way if they have an intruder during the night the alarm activates which then spooks the intruder and notifies us. We as a responder liaise with the customer and attend. Other examples include if a customer has a panic button. If this is pressed we receive a signal and rapidly attend. There are also situations where if our customers see someone in their garden or feel unnerved by a caller at their door/gates they can call us to attend.

Obviously with the scenarios above you always have the option of calling the police but with the best will in the world they have to cover all types of crime and calls. Considering the current climate the police are stretched enough as it is. We are your dedicated response service. Even if we ease the workload of the emergency services by a minor amount it will still go a long way in helping them during these unprecedented times.

We are finding that customers are increasing security for both domestic and commercial sites. We are still fully operational and don’t see that changing. Providing security in the forms of alarm response, patrols and guarding for important sites such as surgeries, food outlets/distribution, communication hubs and schools we are very much an essential service.

All of our fully trained security employees are extensively vetted in accordance with BS7858 before the appointment and carry personal identification at all times. For further information regarding our extensive keyholding services please contact us here or call us on 01442 254555.